Idioms and Phrases

Learn to use some of these idioms and phrases in your daily conversation.

cut down – reduce

cut up – afflicted

fallen out – quarrelled

get off – escape

get on with – agree or live sociably

get out – remove

get at – attack

get out of – escape from

given up – have no hope

gave off – emitted

gave way – broke/distributed

go by – judge from

go down – be behaved

went off well – was a success

held up – stopped

kept in – confined

kept up – carried on/maintain

kept on – continued

knocked about – wondered about

lay down – surrendered

laid up – confined to one’s bed

looks after – takes care

look down upon – despises

look up – search

look into – investigate

make out – read/decipher

made up – reconciled

picked out – selected

picking up – recovering health

pulled through – passed with difficulty

pull down – demolish

puts up – assumes

puts out – extinguish

put in – made an effort

put you to – give you

run into – incurred

run out – come to an end

running over – over flowing

saw through – detected

set aside – keep a part

set about – took steps towards

set off – started

set up – start a business

set apart – reserved

to speak out – express opinion freely

stand up for – maintain ones right

stand it – endure it

stand by – support / advocate

struck off – remove

takes up – occupies

takes after – resembles

take in – comprehend / understand

taken to – addicted

talked over – discussed

turn out – manufacture

turn him off – dismiss

turned out – proved

turned against – hostile

turn up – happen

turn over – profit

worked up – solved

work up – excite

meet you half way – to come to a compromise

make both ends meet – to live within the means/income

is losing ground – becoming less powerful

with open arms – with a warm welcome

tool someone to task – rebuked someone

turn a deaf ear – disregarded

hold water – unsound

to pay off old scores – to have his revenue

off and on – now and then

put a spoke in the wheel – thwarted

made his mark – distinguished himself

at a finger’s end – know thoroughly

fallen flat – met with a cold reception

put my foot down – take a resolute stand

turned a new leaf – changed for the better

made up my mind – decided

hand to mouth – without any provision for the future

in the nick of the time – just at the right time

hand a glove – on very intimate terms

sitting of the fence – hesitating which side to take

brought to light – disclosed

burnt his finger – get into trouble

giving himself airs – behaving arrogantly